Kathryn Rose (self-titled)


2005 Footlodgedindoor Music/Kindling Music

This is the 3rd solo album by Kathryn Rose.

BeholdenKathryn Rose5:13
Some Other Kind of ManKathryn Rose4:09
CliffhangerKathryn Rose3:54
YellowknifeKathryn Rose5:25
Low Flying BirdKathryn Rose4:34
Fame & ShameKathryn Rose5:41
Deepspace SatelliteKathryn Rose4:27
She’s Coming AroundKathryn Rose5:30
One PersonKathryn Rose3:16
Infinite Life Of DaysKathryn Rose4:51

Produced and mixed by Thomas Ryder Payne.

Recorded in Toronto, Canada at TRP Studios.
Mastered by Nick Blagona at Metalworks.
All songs © 2005 Footlodgedindoor Music/SOCAN, by Kathryn Rose, except “She’s Coming Around” (Rose/Payne), © 2005 Kathryn Rose/Footlodgedindoor Music, and Thomas Ryder Payne (SOCAN).

KR: lead and backing vocals, voices, drums on 7 and all percussion.
TRP: All arrangements, programming, live instrumentation and even some singing.

Additional Musicians:
Grace Hong: violin on 1,4,6 and 9.
Kevin Fox: cello on 6 and 9.
Bryden Baird: flugelhorn on 1, trumpet on 4.
Jim Bish: alto, tenor and baritone saxes on 4, clarinet on 9.
Rique Franks, Lis Soderberg: backing vocals on 1,3 and 8.
Diane Peters: wishful whispering on 2.
David Macniven: manly voice and backing vocals on 4, voices on 7. Cole & Ellis Barkman, Jonah Azzopardi: low flying kids on 4.

Photography: Steve Payne
Birds: Kathryn Rose
Illustration: Mike Morton
Design: Semiotics Verve www.vervedesign.net
Hair: June Croken
Makeup: Lisa Rankine

Thomas for the Amazement. Thank you Josh Hicks, Dennis Mohammed, Andres Castillo Smith, Diane Peters and Leo Ryder Payne, Amanda VanDenBrock, Bobbi Beeson, Dennis Vidaic, Maihyet Burton at Lilith, Glynnis Dupuis at Response Clothing, Spiro and staff at Wax Hairdressing, Linda Vanderstoop, Leah Salomaa, Alex Castillo, Hugo Rempel, Brian Minato for the title, Paul Brennan, Beverly Yates, Peter Brennan and the gang at Jeans n’ Classics, Alan, Barbara and Michael Rose, James and Mary Macniven, Christine and John Soares.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Sound Recording Development Program for this project.