Kathryn Rose follows up her 2021 hot take on Michael McDonald’s I Keep Forgettin’ with You Belong To Me, his yachty duet with Carly Simon

McDonald first cut it in 1977 with the Doobie Brothers, and Carly Simon released it on her 1978 album Boys In The Trees. What’s with all this Michael McDonald, and why “You Belong To Me”…?

Longtime collaborator / producer Creighton Doane and artist Kathryn Rose decided over the pandemic to indulge their mutual love of certain artists and covers. After their foray into the soulful, funky pop of  “I Keep Forgettin’” they sidled up to the retro romantic angst of “You Belong To Me” — challenging themselves to nod to both Michael and Carly’s versions, and say something new.

Canadian singer songwriter and backup singer to the stars Kathryn Rose is certainly known for her songwriting, but truly also loves the challenge of interpreting her favourite covers.  


Bass – Pat Kilbride

Guitars – Justin Abedin

Keys – Ray Coburn

Trumpet – William Sperandei

Drums – Creighton Doane

Vocals – Kathryn Rose 

Mastered by Harry Hess
Produced by Creighton Doane

“…As a chronic over-thinker and singer with a big bag of tricks, when I write and record my own songs I feel governed by a mandate to simplify my message in the writing and avoid over-singing. Sounds like a lot of restraint maybe, but I find it pays off in truthfulness. When I record covers I’m still always trying to keep it real, but I feel like I can open up the bigger palette, like I do in session singing. If it wasn’t for my session vocalist career I wouldn’t necessarily have found all the colours in my voice. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I enjoy the extra vocal bandwidth now and again.”

Kathryn rose